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FREE Alpaca Poop!!

This stuff is great for ALL SEASONS!! Get some FREE alpaca manure for your garden, trees, and other plants!! Great for use in pastures too!! This will NOT burn your plants like other forms of manure. We use it at our home. PLEASE VIEW the photos to see how some of our flowers and plants thrived after applying this!!

There is a continuous supply so bring your own containers to fill OR leave containers/trailer for us to fill for you. You may also like to meet the alpacas who produced this wonderful natural substance. They have been fed quality grass, hay, and mineral supplements.

For more info OR for directions to the pile in Blairsville area, please call either 706-889-2185 or 478-278-0147. These are our cells, so serious callers only please. Look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon!! Thank you so much!!

pink hibiscus

yellow hibiscus

Bradford Pear trees

Knockout Rose

Pin cushion flowers

our tomatoes

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